BlogUSPS Adds Augmented Reality Apps Magic to Mailboxes

USPS Adds Augmented Reality Apps Magic to Mailboxes

USPS Adds Augmented Reality Apps Magic to Mailboxes

The U.S. Postal Service is looking to take away some of the drudgery of heading to the mailbox with armloads of cards and packages via the magic of technology.

Using augmented reality apps, consumers can make any of its more than 150,000 iconic blue mailboxes an integral part of the holidays (like being covered in holiday lights, or being surrounded by dancing animated penguins). The app also includes prompts to buy boxes, mailers and stamps, and provides information on important mailing dates to ensure packages arrive on time. It is part of a larger campaign that includes television, direct mail and print advertising.

“Our advertising goal is to attract new consumer and business customers and provide assurance to them that they can depend on our affordable and reliable service to deliver their mail and packages during this season,” Zy Richardson, communications representative for the U.S. Postal Service, tells Marketing Daily.

In addition to adding some fun to consumers’ trips to the mailbox, the AR app is a way to show marketers how they can add digital components to their direct mailings for greater interaction.

“Augmented reality apps, QR codes, and one-click buying technology are changing the way consumers interact with major brands,” Richardson says. “Marketers have the opportunities to leverage their digital content further so we are exploring options with marketers to incorporate technology/mail and capitalize on advancements in smart phone technology.”

The app, which is available through the Google Play and iTunes App Store marketplaces (and was highlighted through a direct mailer that went to every U.S. household this week), will be updated regularly throughout the holiday season so customers can have different experiences every time they head to the mailbox.

Beyond this holiday season, the app will be incorporated into future marketing campaigns — with added, unspecified functionality — throughout 2015, Richardson says.

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