BlogMajor Magazines discover Augmented Reality Apps

Major Magazines discover Augmented Reality Apps

Major Magazines discover Augmented Reality Apps

Readers will now be able to find out products in print magazines easily with the help of a Mobile Augmented Reality App. They will be able to see, save, share and buy almost any product that is given in the magazines, with the help of augmented reality and image recognition technology. Now shopping of the products will be easier for the readers as they will be easily able to find what they are looking for. With the use of this technology, the magazines get a fresh layer of value.

Earlier, Pixbi used its technology in digital magazines to provide their readers with a similar experience. Now, they are taking this to a new level with the same functionality in print magazines.

How does the Augmented Reality App Work?

The process works in a similar way like digital magazines. Readers have to download the AR App from the Apple App Store and use it to scan the designated product tags on the Pixbi-enabled print magazines. Readers will find “P” icons on the pages and by scanning these icons they can view the details of different products. They can even buy the products directly from the mobile augmented reality app. Virtually every image in the magazine has been made active.

Collaboration with Major Retailers

To help readers purchase products easily, Pixbi has collaborated with major retailers and publishers. Some of the magazines where the mobile augmented reality app will work include OK! Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Shape and Star.

The Director of Tablet Publishing at American Media, Inc, Chris Tarrow said “Increasing interactions with readers of all ages in a convenient way is one way we are evolving with the digital age.” He added that “As consumers get busier and magazines are digested on-the-go, we want to make reading our publications an enjoyable experience, and Pixbi is creating that for us in a new way.”

The aim of the Mobile AR App is to provide the readers looking through images of products an easy way to buy them without the hassle of recalling the items later while searching at an online store. This is made possible by integrating augmented reality to almost all the product images provided in print magazines.

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