BlogMINI AR Technology To Provide Valuable Info Whilst On The Move

MINI AR Technology To Provide Valuable Info Whilst On The Move

MINI AR Technology To Provide Valuable Info Whilst On The Move

Using Augmented Reality (AR) whilst driving is not something you expect to see on your day-to-day driving endeavors… But BMW’s MINI brand has exceeded many expectations before, and their latest revelation is set to break a further few boundaries!


Headed by the firm’s owner, BMW, the brand have announced their debut of the new wearable AR device to be showcased at the Shanghai Auto Show in China, which opens on 22nd April 2015. The automaker has been working alongside Qualcomm to create the Augmented Reality Technology, which will provide valuable information whilst on the move, within your field of vision!


Future MINI drivers may be able to make use of the new, innovative AR equipment, which can offer relevant information whilst on the move. Drivers will have the opportunity to view details such as: destination points selected pre-drive, the navigation display of your first and last mile, heads-up information including speed and speed limits, navigation arrows, points of interest on your route, incoming message notifications, fuel alerts and a passenger-side mirror for parking assistance.

The Augmented Reality Technology makes use of AR Glasses, which ultimately allow Mini drivers to keep their heads and eyes up, whilst driving. Visible information, such as directions, Augmented Reality parking and miles travelled would appear inside the eyewear device, therefore not causing an obstruction to the view of the route ahead. Not only is this concept being introduced to make driving a MINI vehicle more reliable and efficient, but it is also presents a safer environment where individuals will not need to keep looking away from the road to a Sat Nav or map.


Perhaps one of the greatest features of the AR Glasses, is the ‘X-ray vision’, which allows drivers to fundamentally see ‘through’ blind spots in vehicle. This virtual view is created through cameras mounted onto the vehicle, to help external areas, pillars, pedestrians and so on to remain visible.

Project Manager, Jörg Preissinger, highlights the Mini Augmented Reality Vision project will provide an insight into how intelligent connectivity between vehicle and a wearable device, which presents valuable content, could be rolled out in the future. He claimed: “This prototype with its customized, interactive functions succeeds in fusing Augmented Reality with the brand’s tradition trademark sense of lifestyle”.

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