BlogJaguar Land Rover Launch AR Apps Software

Jaguar Land Rover Launch AR Apps Software

Jaguar Land Rover Launch AR Apps Software

Jaguar Land Rover brings the caption ‘excellence in motion’ to life, becoming the latest car brand to utilise Augmented Reality Apps Software (AR). Showcasing the new vehicle before it’s official release, in January 2015, the innovative technology gives buyers a chance to see a virtual model of the new Discovery Sport, right before their eyes.

The high status automotive company will be rolling out the Digital Innovation across 117 Land Rover retailers throughout the UK, to bridge the gap between the arrival of the new release in showrooms and the official product launch.

Incorporated within the Augmented Reality Apps Software is a 3D model of the new SUV, containing all of it’s features, allowing a virtual sneak preview to be seen by potential buyers. Showroom visitors can put on a Durovis Dive headset – a virtual reality device similar to the Google Cardboard, to bring the state-of-the-art new build to life.

Durovis Dive Augmented Reality

The gadget contains an iPhone 5S preloaded with the Jaguar Land Rover Augmented Reality App. When the wearer looks towards the marker on the ground, the Augmented Reality Software triggers a life-size 3D Discovery Sport. Viewers can walk around the realistic-looking vehicle to take a look at the new features, watch the driver’s door open as they move closer and take a look at the interiors as the door opens.

Augmented Reality Software

Laura Schwab, Jaguar Land Rover’s UK Marketing Director, stated: “We wanted to bring the new Discovery Sport to life between the Global announcement and the vehicles arriving in the show rooms."

Laura continued, "We have received a huge amount of interest from customers through our online retailers across the country, and this will give an exciting immersive experience, beyond that of a traditional online configurator or sales brochure".


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