BlogAR Virtual Tour Software Entices Virgin Atlantic Travellers

AR Virtual Tour Software Entices Virgin Atlantic Travellers

AR Virtual Tour Software Entices Virgin Atlantic Travellers

The popular British Airline are enticing travelers and training crew members aboard with the new Augmented Reality (AR)  Virtual Tour Software. The innovation is designed to give a sneak peek of the travelling experience provided on board the new 787 Dreamliner’s Cabin, dubbed “The Birthday Girl”.

The aim of the Augmented Reality introduction, marking the 30th Anniversary of the Airline’s first flight, is to drive ticket sales, whilst also boosting their already-soaring brand identity.


Flattering Features revealed by AR Virtual Tour Software

Interested customers have the opportunity to utilise the AR Virtual Tour Software on their mobile devices, by visiting the Virgin Atlantic Website. Visitors can click through The Birthday Girl’s true-to-life view of the new cabin interior and stop at any point along the way. Through the use of Augmented Reality, potential customers can therefore browse the features they could be enjoying inflight, before booking their ticket.

Whilst exploring the aircraft, the virtual tour highlights a range of flattering new qualities including new lighting, seats and personal entertainment centres. The exploration of the cabin also includes various hidden videos, which are powered by YouTube, offering further glimpses into special features on board.

Duel Purpose of the new Augmented Reality Software

The innovative Virgin Atlantic Marketing method has been introduced for two main purposes. Originally, the App was intended to assist in training crew members before on-board training began, without needing them to physically visit the aircraft.  

By promoting the luxurious experiences onboard The Birthday Girl cabin, the mobile technology introduction is also a great way to allow potential customers to ‘try before you buy’. Ultimately, the Augmented Reality application’s accessibility on mobile means a wider audience can be reached, with the potential to cause a great interest amongst consumer browsing patterns for possible vacation destinations.


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