BlogAR Ski goggles create slalom tracks to follow and video message in real time

AR Ski goggles create slalom tracks to follow and video message in real time

AR Ski goggles create slalom tracks to follow and video message in real time

The world's first true Augmented Reality App driven smart goggles for snow sports are here. For those who are partial to skiing and gaming, it will feel like all your Christmases have come at once.

Worn while skiing or snowboarding, RideOn wearers will be able to message friends in the blink of an eye, stream live skiing videos and ride through virtual slalom tracks chasing their favourite ski athletes down the mountain, without pressing a single button.

No external devices, phone apps, or voice activation is necessary. Instead, wearers look at icons fixed to the sky, their friends, or points of interest.


Augmented Reality App that keeps your hands warm!

As a result hands stay gloved and warm and your phone and maps remain safely in your pockets (although developers say with these, you won't need a map).

The Augmented Reality App lets you see friends' locations on the mountain, call them or throw a virtual snowball to get their attention. See your location on the resort map in front of your eyes and find lodges and ski lifts highlighted in the distance. You can also take videos using a high-def cam and post your creation to social media.

Augmented reality App Ski Mask

Future software updates are in the pipeline to tell skiers a lift’s queue wait time before they arrive by looking at it from a distance, so you can wait less and ski more.  

Alon Getz, RideOn's founder says, 'Augmented Reality App' features let users interact with friends, navigate the mountain’s slopes, and play ski games to train their skills.

See-through display projects features and icons on the snow as if they’re floating 15 feet in front of you.
This all happens completely hands-free, with a floating UI [user interface] activated via the Augmented Reality App when users stare at friends, points of interest, or buttons fixed to the sky above.'

The difference between this and Google Glass is that the goggles are wraparound so have a much larger and more comfortable field of vision.


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